Participation Criteria

The TAFISA World Sport for All Games are a spectacular display of the World’s movement cultures through the gathering of Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) – part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage – and new sports. Based on demonstrations (and not competition), they aim to promote participation in Sport for All and physical activity, while creating a bridge between TSG and new sports. This paper defines the criteria for the selection of sports, games & delegations participating in the 7th TAFISA World Sport for All Games 2020.

Participation Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusive by nature, the Games are in principle open to whoever wishes to participate, as long as:

- the sports and games presented are in line with the Games’ concept and objectives,

- they are non-violent and non-dangerous,

- and in line with the values of TAFISA and the Sport for All Movement.

The following are therefore invited to send delegations to the TAFISA World Sport for All Games:

- TAFISA Members

- National & Regional Umbrella Sport Organisations

- National & Regional TSG & new sports Federations & associations

- International Umbrella Sport Organisations, including International Federations

- Informal groups demonstrating their TSG

Conditions for Participation

The conditions for participation of delegations in the TAFISA Games are as follows:

- They cover their own international transports

- The pay to the Organising Committee a set registration fee which includes the following*:

          o Inclusion into official programme o Access to Games’ events 2

          o Accommodation (6 nights)

          o Meals (7 days)

          o Local transports (7 days)

          o Etc.

*Unless they are selected as “Facilitated delegation” by the Organising Committee.

Facilitated Delegations

The Organising Committee will select, for the 7th TAFISA World Sport for All Games, 100 delegations of up to 10 participants (up to 1000 participants in total), that will see their registration fee waived and will be given the privilege to attend the TAFISA Games for free – provided they cover their own international transport.

The selection will be led by a jury composed of:

1. A representative of TAFISA

2. A representative of the Contractual Host, IPDJ

3. A representative of the Organising Committee

Criteria to select delegations are the following:

- TSG and new sports and games offered for demonstration should be:

          o entertaining for participants and spectators

          o cost efficient to organise

          o open for everyone to participate

          o non-violent and non-dangerous for participants

          o ideally, transferable to other countries

          o able to be organised in open spaces (not requiring technical infrastructure)

- In the case of TSG, the following criteria shall be considered:

          o older than 100 years,

          o still in practice,

          o an active part of the tradition and identity of a country / society,

          o a reflection of regional/national heritage (e.g. connected with costumes, music…)

The sports and games to be demonstrated must align with the Games’ concept and add to the diversity of the movement cultures shown during the event (i.e. no 2 delegations with the same sport or game should be selected)

The principle of 1 delegation per country prevails; however exceptions can be granted when diverse cultures, sports and games exist within the same country and can only be shown by two different delegations (e.g. Australian Football & Aboriginal Games like boomerang in Australia) 

In the case of International umbrella sport organisations (including International Federations), the jury and Organising Committee, before selecting a delegation, will enquire whether a national federation exists and could perform the demonstration on their behalf.

In case of competing applications between international organisations, or between organisations belonging to the same country, TAFISA members shall always be given the priority.


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Local Organization

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